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How to Copy Your Favorite Authors’ Best Beach Looks / Emily Temple In: Lit Hub Daily July 13, 2018

Sun, sand, and surf: better than desk, pen, and ink any day. Or at least any day in the summer, when the beach beckons. To get you through the hottest part of the year, and remind you that famous authors are just like us (and not always art monsters chained to their desks), I’ve collected some photos of twenty famous writers at the beach—luxuriating in the sand, goofing off with their dogs, canoodling with their loved ones, and surfing up a storm—and (because why not) added some suggestions as to how to approximate their beach getups. Let it inspire you to make it to the nearest body of water this weekend.

sylvia plath beach 
Sylvia Plath’s “Marilyn” shot, photo by Gordon Ames Lameyer, June 1954
All you need to achieve this look is a full bottle of Sun-In, the all-white swimsuit of your choice, and once in a generation poetic genius! Easy peasy.

Gabriel García Márquez with his wife Mercedes on the island of Crete 
Gabriel García Márquez with his wife Mercedes on the island of Crete
The footwear in this photo is on point, and those white loafers are what really make García Márquez’s look here. The jacket seems a bit hot from this vantage, but then again, Greek islands can be pretty windy, and one has to be prepared. ... [mehr]

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