Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2017

How Frances Marion and Mary Pickford Conquered Hollywood / Melanie Benjamin

In the early years of Hollywood, from 1915 through the early 1930s, Frances Marion was one of Hollywood’s most successful screenwriters and arguably the most famous. She defined and shaped the role of the screenwriter, becoming the best adaptor of novels and plays in the business. In those early, helter-skelter years when the pioneers of the industry were churning films out at an unsustainable rate, adaptions were the easiest way to satiate a voracious public.

Like most scenarists, Frances spent her spare time devouring novels, histories, and plays, particularly on the lookout for movies with potential roles for her friend, Mary Pickford. In fact, it was a film based on a play—The Poor Little Rich Girl—that cemented their working relationship and brought them both to an entirely new level of fame and fortune.... [mehr]

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