Montag, 16. April 2018

Samuel Taylor Coleridge's remains rediscovered in wine cellar

It probably wouldn’t have surprised his long-suffering friends, but the remains of the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge have been rediscovered in a wine cellar.
Literary pilgrims have long paid their respects at the memorial plaques to Coleridge in the church above, unaware his lead coffin was lying behind a brick wall closing one end of the 17th-century cellar. The space was incorporated into the crypt of St Michael’s when the church was built in 1831 near the top of Highgate Hill in north London.
“It has been said that you could see it as appropriate, but it is not in a very fitting state for him, and the family would support the plans to improve it,” said Richard Coleridge, the poet’s great-great-great-grandson, a police officer based in Newham.
Coleridge’s well preserved lead coffin is just visible through a ventilation brick, together with those of his wife, Sara, his daughter, also Sara, his son-in-law and his grandson. ... [mehr]

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