Donnerstag, 12. April 2018

Parents want library to censor books: "Thirteen Reasons Why" is challenged the most

The American Library Association has recorded an increase in ‘direct attacks on the freedom to read’, made by parents objecting to sex, profanity and LGBT characters in YA and children’s books. 
There was an increase in the number of attempts made to censor books in the US in 2017, with the number of challenges – “documented requests to remove materials from schools or libraries” – that were recorded by the American Library Association jumping from 323 in 2016 to 354.
The ALA attributed the “revitalised effort” of parents and community members to have certain books removed from schools and libraries to an increase in “blanket bans”, where entire topics – for example, all LGBT titles – are pulled from shelves. The ALA also said there had been a rise in individuals preemptively removing books without following policy, “because they are trying to (unsuccessfully) avoid controversy”.
In February this year, more than 300 people signed a petition in Orange City, Iowa, to ban or segregate library books with LGBT content. Because some challenges were to multiple books or collections, in total 416 books were targeted by would-be censors last year – “direct attacks on the freedom to read”, said the ALA.
Topping the ALA’s list of the most challenged books in 2017 is Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why, a young adult novel that was recently adapted into a Netflix series. The 2007 book was challenged and banned in multiple school districts because it tackles the subject of suicide; the Netflix adaptation has also attracted criticism from mental health campaigners for “romanticising” suicide. ... [mehr]

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