Montag, 23. Oktober 2017

The magic of Harry Potter at the British Library

When he wrote a poem for his secretary and lover Betty Mackereth in 1976, Philip Larkin sent it with a note: “Flog it to Texas if it seems embarrassing.” The joke was self-indulgent: Larkin knew libraries and archives – such as the Harry Ransom Centre, in Texas – would hurl themselves off a proverbial cliff just to get his scraps. Even his shopping list could be lucrative, so long as he signed it.

The British Library in London currently has a veritable goldmine papering its walls. Its Harry Potter exhibition is an eclectic curation of old books, scrolls and ephemera that have some (occasionally tenuous) connection to JK Rowling's world. And among the Chinese fortune-telling bones (circa 1000 BC) and garden gnomes (circa 1900) are Rowling’s drafts for some of the bestselling books of all time. ... [mehr]

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