Dienstag, 18. April 2017

China Biographical Database Project


For scholars of Chinese history, the China Biographical Database Project (CBDB) offers biographical information about more than 360,000 individuals who lived in China over hundreds of years. The project is a collaboration between Harvard University's Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, the Institute of History of Philology of Academia Sinica, and the Center for Research on Ancient Chinese History at Peking University, and was made possible by the late Chinese historian Robert M. Hartwell's pioneering database, which he bequeathed to Harvard. To use this database, users can follow the link to the English query system via the Accessing CBDB Online section on the landing page. From here, researchers can look up an individual by name, or search via a variety of criteria (e.g. Social Distinction, Kinship Relation, Office). Visitors can also check out a variety of maps and social network analysis (SNA) via the Methodology tab, or explore the CBDB's YouTube channel via a link on the homepage.

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