Dienstag, 24. Januar 2017

Word Counter - The Word Count Calculator 

Word Counter is a free tool that allows users to quickly analyze a piece of text. Initially created in 2009 as a simple word count tool, the team behind Word Counter has since added a number of features that will be of interest to writers and instructors alike. Today, Word Counter measures not only the number of words in a text, but also measures sentence length, keyword density, estimated reading level, and estimated reading time. Users can find out this information by simply pasting any amount of text into a text box. Word Counter is a useful tool for writers looking to avoid repetition or for instructors interested in the reading level of a specific text. (Of course, no estimated reading level assessment is perfect. The team behind Word Counter includes an explanation of how reading level and reading time are calculated, so users can use this tool in an informed way.)  

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