Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018

A Few Words of Indispensable Advice from Muriel Spark

The following is a list of advice culled from Muriel Spark’s fiction and collected in A Good Comb (New Directions). As editor Penelope Jardin puts it in the introduction:
The words are not gospel of what Muriel Spark was thinking or wishing to say, only that in the context of a story the character would very likely have said this. That doesn’t mean either that Dame Muriel did not actually think what she says here and perhaps means it very much. But above all, the words found here are meant to entertain. Entertainment was a big part of her creative process. She didn’t like moaning people, neither did she moan herself. She was a comic in serious intent.
On this, the occasion of her 100th birthday: enjoy. ... [mehr]

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