Freitag, 16. Dezember 2016

Newberry Digital Exhibitions - Treasures of Faith: Twenty Years of Acquisitions

The Newberry Library of Chicago is home to a number of rare religious texts that range from sermons to scripture to legal documents and beyond. The Treasures of Faith Digital Exhibition showcases rare and special religious items donated to the library by individuals, colleges, and religious institutions over the years. Visitors may browse digital images of these artifacts via thematic categories, such as The Renaissance, Sermons and Preachings, and Bindings and Printed Ephemera. Highlights include an intricately engraved seventeenth century King James Bible, an atlas of provinces and convents of the Capuchin order from 1649, and images from the first edition of Thomas Aquinas's complete works. This remarkable collection of rare and special books will appeal to anyone interested in theology or European history broadly.


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