Freitag, 5. Mai 2017

A Potentially Pivotal Case: Louisiana State University and Elsevier

The description of the dispute from Louisiana State University (LSU)—made available by the Association of Research Libraries—certainly sounds alarming. And it stands this week as an unusually stark look at the academic research sector’s industry-consumer relations.
In its lawsuit, LSU says that its subscription to Elsevier content covers access by 35,000 authorized users (students and staff), all operating in various academic divisions such as the university’s law school, agriculture center, graduate school, and veterinary school.
LSU maintains that on October 11 of last year, it notified Elsevier that a group of IP addresses that should have had access to the content as part of this agreement had been blocked. The blocked addresses were all associated with the veterinary program. While LSU says that Elsevier initially and promptly restored access to the veterinary school users, but it again blocked access "in or around January." ... [mehr] 

Zur Erinnerung: Im Rahmen des Projekts DEAL möchten die deutschen Wissenschaftsorganisationen bundesweite Lizenzverträge für das gesamte Portfolio elektronischer Zeitschriften (E-Journals) großer Wissenschaftsverlage ab dem Lizenzjahr 2017 erreichen. Elsevier ist dabei der wichtigste "Verhandlungspartner". 

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