Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2015

EBLIDA und IFLA beziehen Stellung zur geplanten Urheberrechtsreform der EU-Kommission

EBLIDA President Jukka Relander said, “Because libraries and archives in Europe do not have uniform exceptions and limitations available to them in their member states, they cannot effectively share information across Europe’s borders. Citizens in the 28 EU member states have different and unequal access to information. 21st century libraries and archives need legal certainty to ensure that they can achieve their public service missions of providing free access to information to help build an innovative and inclusive society. EBLIDA agrees with the EU Commission that widening access to content across the EU is necessary and welcomes the opportunity to participate in consultations that consider exceptions to copyright rules for an innovative and inclusive society.”

IFLA President, Donna Scheeder added: “We welcome the Commission’s commitment to copyright exceptions and limitations related to knowledge, research and education being a key priority of the coming Digital Single Market. That the Commission is considering new exceptions and limitations to permit text and data mining, remote consultation of library holdings and digital preservation demonstrates its understanding of the challenges libraries and archives face in the digital age.”

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