Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2015

A History of US Public Libraries

"Book mobiles, cute kids at summer reading programs, even a librarian on horseback - this exhibition from D(igital)P(ublic)L(ibrary)(of)A(merica) has it all. In addition to the warm fuzzies, however, the show also delves into some of the stickier issues in the history of US libraries, such as how librarianship came to be a woman-dominated profession, but with more men in management positions, or segregation in some libraries. In the 'Profession for Women' theme, it's pointed out that the American Library Association, founded in 1876, did not elect its first woman president, Theresa Elmendorf, until 1911. Another section of the exhibition documents the Tougaloo Nine, who attempted to use the white-only Jackson, Mississippi, public library on March 27, 1961, and were arrested for disorderly conduct. The Conclusion section briefly covers some 21st century trends in libraries, such as the impact of the Internet or the transformation of physical spaces in libraries to become 'Third Spaces' - places that are neither work nor home, where people can gather, interact, and create, including computer workstations arranged to permit collaboration, maker spaces, and cafes" (via The Scout Report - Volume 21, Number 47).

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