Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017

Our World In Data

"Our World in Data (OWID) is an online publication that shows how living conditions are changing. The aim is to give a global overview and to show changes over the very long run, so that we can see where we are coming from and where we are today.
Our World in Data communicates this empirical knowledge in two ways:
  1. through data visualizations – charts and maps.
  2. by presenting the academic research on global development that explains what drives the changes that we see and what the consequences of these changes are.
The publication is produced at the University of Oxford and currently created by a team of three: The economist Esteban Ortiz Ospina, the web developer Jaiden Mispy, and the founder of the publication Max Roser.

Our World in Data covers a wide range of topics across many academic disciplines: Trends in health, food provision, the growth and distribution of incomes, violence, rights, wars, culture, energy use, education, and environmental changes are empirically analysed and visualized in this web publication. For each topic the quality of the data is discussed and, by pointing the visitor to the sources, this website is also a database of databases. Covering all of these aspects in one resource makes it possible to understand how the observed long-run trends are interlinked."

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