Freitag, 16. Juni 2017

Atlas of Early Modern Printing

From the University of Iowa Libraries comes The Atlas of Early Printing, an interactive map and timeline that illustrates the rise of the printing press in fifteenth century Europe. Users are invited to manipulate the timeline in order to explore how printing and institutions related to printing (such as universities and paper mills) spread across geography and time. Visitors can learn more about a specific place or event by clicking on pins that appear on the map. These visualization tools are accompanied by essays about the early history of print in Europe, including the technical process of early printing (be sure to check out the three-dimensional animation of how the hand press works, available in the Printing Press Model Tab). In addition, the 15th Century Book section features a consideration of the physical properties of a single book (in this case, a 1490 manuscript entitled Scriptores Historiae Augustae) and what they can reveal about the history of printing. 

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