Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017

The Neglected Books Page

In 2006, Jane Smiley published a book called "13 Ways of Looking at a Novel", in which the author recounted reading 100 novels. When Brad Bigelow read Smiley's book, he recognized 99 of these titles. However, he had never heard of "The Moonflower Vine", a 1966 book by Jetta Carleton. Bigelow managed to track down Carleton's book - which had since gone out of print - and blogged about the novel. Remarkably, Bigelow attracted the attention of enough folks to get the book back in print. He also established a new blog, the Neglected Book Page, dedicated to books that have slipped into obscurity. (Readers can read an in-depth profile of Bigelow and this project in the March 8, 2016 New Yorker article, "The Custodian of Forgotten Books.")  Since then, Bigelow and others have written about dozens of books, authors, and poets. The team tracks down neglected books through a variety of sources, including archived book reviews from popular magazines and works of literary criticism. Each entry on the Neglected Books Page includes a description of the work or author along with available historical information. Visitors can search for past entries by the Source of each book's "discovery" or by a number of Categories, such as Gems from the Internet Archive, Reader's Recommendation, and "Justly Neglected?"


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