Freitag, 24. März 2017

Open Access – eventuell eine Alternative zur Fernleihe? (2)

Viele Fernleihbestellungen können wahrscheinlich genauso gut mit den Open-Access-Varianten der gewünschten Artikel erledigt werden. So gibt es aktuell erste Versuche (z.B. am Imperial College London), den Open Access Button auch in die Fernleihe zu integrieren (vgl. dazu auch den Blog-Eintrag vom 22. März 2017: Putting the OA into interlibrary loan. ) 

Darin ist zu lesen: "By filling 1,557 interlibrary loan requests with Open Access materials Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis experienced an estimated cost saving of over $27,000. The new Open Access Button library service provides the opportunity for libraries to see similar or greater cost savings while working in tandem with their existing interlibrary loan systems. Our system can help streamline interlibrary loan workflows, for example, by reducing unnecessary requests and automatically fulfilling requests with Open Access materials. The library service is being designed in partnership with the library community, and a pilot is now underway at Imperial College London. When an article isn’t immediately accessible the Open Access Button will automatically send a self-archiving request to the author with instructions for depositing into a repository, at the same time an interlibrary loan request is generated. This self-archived version may become available before a traditional interlibrary loan request is fulfilled. In the long term, this request system can play a significant role as a pull mechanism to close the gap between the number of articles that are legally allowed to be shared in some form (but aren’t) and the number that are actually made accessible."

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