Montag, 9. Januar 2017

Victorian Collections

Although most of us probably think of Victorian England first, these Victorian Collections are from the State of Victoria in Australia. Artifacts have been contributed by hundreds of organizations, and in fact, the website serves as a kind of cultural heritage inventory, listing organizations that have contributed artifacts alongside those that have not contributed as yet. It's possible to approach the collections in several ways. A rotating selection from the 73,450 items in the collections is displayed badge-style on the home page, with additional information on any item of interest available with a click. Visitors can select Organisations to be taken to the directory and map; basic descriptive and contact information is provided for those organizations with no collection records. It's also possible to search across all collections using keywords and names, and searches can be limited to include only those artifacts with images. Finally, there's a growing set of stories - curated groupings of items on a theme. Available stories include: Stories of Women on the Land; SS Casino, 50 Years Steaming in Victoria's Western District; and Symbols of Survival, Prisoner of war and internee objects in Victorian cultural collections. Victorian Collections runs on a locally developed collection management system that is free to use for organizations within Victoria - terms of use for those in other geographic locations are not specified.

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