Dienstag, 10. Januar 2017

UMass Dartmouth: Open Educational Resources


An increasing number of educational resources are available via the public domain, providing instructors with unpreceded opportunities to incorporate a diverse range of primary source material, textbooks, open courses, and more into their classrooms. This abundance of materials, however, can present instructors and librarians with a new challenge: how to discern what materials will be relevant and useful in their classroom or educational institution. The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has created this guide to Open Educational Resources to help. Here, visitors will find an extensive list of resources organized into five categories, including For Educators, For Learners, and Image and Video Resources. Lists are accompanied by short video tutorials designed to familiarize visitors with open educational resources and the role of these resources in both the classroom and in the broader academic community. One video in the For Educators section depicts faculty perspectives on the specific distinction between Open Education Resources and Open Access. While aimed specifically at those working in higher education, instructors and librarians in all settings will find material of use in this research guide. 

via https://scout.wisc.edu/archives/r47811/umass_dartmouth_open_educational_resources

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