Montag, 30. Januar 2017

Botanical Art & Artists: Maria Sibylla Merian 

Maria Sibylla Merian was born in 1647 to a family of artists and printers in Frankfurt, Germany. As a young girl she first painted flowers before scrutinizing the way caterpillars transitioned into moths and butterflies. Over the course of her life, Merian continued to document nature, plants, and insects, first in Europe and later in what is now Suriname in South America. Merian's detailed paintings and descriptions, along with unconventional visuals and stories, spurred curiosity and provided valuable insights into medicine and science. Exotic and dramatic, her artwork was a valuable tool of discovery for Europeans at the time. Yet, despite receiving much contemporary acclaim, her findings came under scientific criticism during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and her efforts have been largely forgotten. This page from Katherine Tyrrell's Botanical Art & Artists website commemorates Merian's life and artworks. Readers will find a timeline of Merian's life, a compendium of biographical reference links, and an overview of related galleries and exhibitions. While some links have not been maintained, most work and there is much to explore here for researchers, artists, and art lovers alike.

Am 13. Januar 2017 jährte sich der Todestag von Maria Sibylla Merian zum 300. Mal. 

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